XLITE100 Smart Tail Light

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Every year 3.930 people die in bicycle accidents due to bad visibility. That's exactly why Voyaline does everything to make biking super safe again. We've created an Ultra Smart Tail Light which reduces the chance of not being seen by a car or other vehicle drastically.

We really advise you to invest in your bicycle and make sure you're visible during the day and especially druing nighttime. Our XLite100 Smart Tail Light will definitely be the safest light you've ever had on your bike!


Key Features:

 Very Bright Red LED Light for clear visibility at all times
✔ Brake Induction for extra safety
✔ Automatic Shut Down after one minute of No Movement
 Automatic Shut Down after 30 sec exposed in a High Light Intensitive Environment
 Made out of the Highest Quality Aluminium
✔ Waterproof
✔ Up to 20-30 hours Runtime
✔ Rechargeable (micro USB included)

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